Unleashing Vitality – Module 1

Lubna Alsharif
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The Peak Human Performance Trainings are based on Self-Actualization Psychology. This is the psychology of the bright side of human nature, which describes how people move from merely being “okay” and living in the present to becoming their best. Self-Actualization Psychology has its origins in the work of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, enhanced with later developments in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics. Choose One Module And Get The Specified Module Certificate Or Attend All Four And Get The Diploma.

Course Introduction

** You might already know that this is precisely what you, and all of us, are made for. And that this is ultimately the true source of ‘happiness’. Imagine being able to be fully alive to the richness and possibilities in life!!
– Do You Know What You Want ?
– What You Really, Really Want From Your Life, Your Relationships, Your Career, etc…?
– Are You Ready To Seek Your Peaks ?
– Are You Ready To Be The Person You Always Wanted To Be?

  • To live fully, authentically, and not sell yourself and your potential short
  • To live true to yourself, with congruence and integrity
  • To experience for yourself the passion and motivation of a life well-lived
  • To put an end to boredom, frustration and depression as a way of living
  • To find your vision and mission for life, and experience life’s everyday ‘peak experiences’
  • To create meaningful organizations, rather than de-humanising ones
  • To create purposeful families, companies and associations
  • To develop the skills to be able to get to the heart of a problem quickly and easily, and use your natural creativity to invent effective new solutions
  • To feel in charge of your own self and your life, rather than being controlled by your culture
  • To live in an emotionally intelligent way, fully alive to the best of our human experience


Self-Actualization Psychology Diploma is the New Developments of Abraham Maslow’s work in the Humanistic, Positive Psychology approach to Change and Transformation, and hence is essential for:

  • Anyone who knows and feels there is MUCH MORE to life yet doesn’t seem to be able to get their hands on HOW to start.
  • NLP/Neuro-Semantics Practitioners-Master Practitioners-Trainers and Meta-Coaches to gain more depth in the “secret history” and science of NLP and Neuro-Semantics in theory and practice.
  • Trainers, Coaches, Mentors, and Consultants seeking a New Vision and Greater Value for their clients through the Humanistic Approach and Change Tools of Self Actualization Psychology.
  • Organizational Change Agents ,Managers, and CEOs interested in The Tools and Real Applications of Theory Y of Management; those who aspire to Reach The Peaks of their own Leadership
  • Potential while facilitating the improvement, synergy, and harmony of their departments and organizations.
  • Societal and Political Change Agents believing in the Potentiality of Citizens/Human Beings and possibility of more coherent societies.
  • Health Gurus and Coaches with a more holistic vision for the Life Performance of their clients.
  • Artists interested in Tools and Applications that discover and make use of the structures of Human Creativity Strategies.

A PREREQUISITE for receiving the SELF-ACTUALIZATION PSYCHOLOGY DIPLOMA, is NLP Practitioner Training and Meta-States Practitioner Training (APG).

Course Description

INTRODUCTION : (PREREQUISITE for all Modules ) An Introduction to Self-Actualization Psychology. This evening workshop brings you an introduction to Self-Actualization Psychology, which is derived from Abraham Maslow’s search for the bright side of human behaviour and Positive Psychology. Self-Actualization Psychology is a description of people operating at their best (self-actualizing their potentials) and seeking the peak of their highest drives and values. In this opening introduction you will learn about the models in Neuro-Semantics that will allow you to experience your authentic self, seek the human potential peaks and in so doing, create the best version of you.

MODULE 1 : UNLEASHING VITALITY (Biological Self-Actualization)
Discover you lower and higher ‘driving human needs’, and how to effectively master them. This releases you from being stuck in the lower levels, eliminates the problems of motivation, and develops your base for Vitality in Self-Actualizing. Energy is released and you are able to move to the level of being your authentic self. Learn how to use the Neuro-Semantic models to Seek Your Peak, and apply the Four Eyes (Perspectives) of self-Actualization to living with the vitality of a Self-Actualizing life.


Receive your Certification Through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics***
For more on Neuro-Semantics:


  • 35 Hours of Intense Practice & Training
  • Course Manual in English.
  •  Your Certificate approved by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS).
  • Lunch & Coffee Breaks.
  • Connecting with world-class Coaches that are attending the event

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