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Mind Lines – Laurus Training

Mind Lines

Course Description

They are 26 very easy and simple to use techniques where you get a chance to persuade, influence and introduce others to seeing 26 different perspectives to the same situation to help empower them using only YOUR WORDS!
The Mind-Lines model presents the linguistic patterns using the “logical” level system. Dr. Michael Hall rigorously reworked the old “Sleight of Mouth” patterns using the idea of levels and reflexivity from the Meta-States model to create an easy to remember model for reframing meaning.

Training Objectives

  • Direct consciousness and send it in 7 different directions.
  • Use 7 framing structures and 26 Mind-Line patterns to transform the meaning of excuses and complaints.
  • Playfully run NLP magic in marvelous ways for fun and profit.
  • Experience the magic of language to powerfully effect human experiences.
  • Become a neuro-linguistic magician as you realize the powerful transformation your words can create.
  • Use the Meta-Model distinctions to de-mystify experience, de-hypnotize old spells, and create new levels of precision and specificity in your communications.
  • Use language hypnotically by out-framing as you create powerful frames of meaning for yourself and others.
  • Defend yourself from Verbal assault/abuse/deception using 26 weapons of Language


Receive your Certification Through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics
Upon successful completion of this training & the assessment, you will be certified as an NLP Practitioner approved from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics
***To know more about Neuro-Semantics, visit thir website:

Who should attend?

This training is ideal for anyone who seeks to influence others and to change their minds— leaders, managers, coaches, trainers, sales people, parents, lovers. And Let me get into the details of who might benefit from attending:

  • If you work in a people helping profession whether It might be Training/ counseling, etc… and you genuinely empathetic and value caring for your clients and help them avoid feeling victimized
  • Detect and effectively disarm Manipulation and protect yourself from verbal assault
  • You seek to understand people’s views and add to their perspective socially/professionally
  • Minimize and Eliminate conflict and know how to argue and debate to seek agreement
  • Get others to respond to your ideas to build on greater ideas
  • Easily and naturally integrate Mind-lines so you can have healthy relationships with others without the need to prove your point forcefully. No need for anger, tension, or bad memories. But rather graceful and dialogue based conversations with others that gives you a sense of control and direction of what, how, and when to say it.


  • 25 Hours of Intense Practice & training
  • Course Manual in English.
  • Your Certificate approved by the International Society of
  • Neuro-Semantics (ISNS).
  • – Lunch & Coffee Breaks
  • Connecting with world-class Coaches that are attending the event

معلومات عن الدورة :

– تخونك كلماتك في بعض الاوقات؟
– بتحتار ازاي ترد في بعض الاحيان؟
– طب بتلاقي نفسك بتفكر بطريقة معينة ومش عارف تبص على الموقف من وجهة نظر تانية؟
– هل عندك عبارة او اقتباس غيروا لك نظرتك للامور ؟
– هل سبق وسمعت جملة من حد اثرت فيك وطبعت في دماغك للحظة دي؟

لو الاجابة على اي من الاسئلة السابقة نعم فمكانك في هذا التدريب الممتع والشيق. هنتعرف سوا على اتجاهات التفكير السبع للنظر لاي موقف بل وكيفية تبني ٢٦ اسلوب مختلف للرد ….
التدريب ده معظمه تدريب عملي في اطار ممتع وشيق لان الهدف منحك الفرصة لتطوير مهارة الرد …
اللغة بتلعب دور البطولة في حياتنا… بنسخدمها طول الوقت في كلامنا وحتى في كتابتنا …. التدريب ده ببساطة هيوصلك لدرجة عالية من المرونة بحيث تعرف تستخدم كلماتك ببراعة وسهولة وتحسن من تعاملاتك اليومية مع الاخرين …
وكمان هتكتشف الكلمات التي اثرت بك وتعيد تقييم تجاربك الشخصية وقناعاتك ….بشكل جديد يسهل وصولك لاهدافك

كن أول من يضيف تعليق.

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