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To love somebody – Laurus Training

To love somebody….

I hear people talk about certain trait, or physical feature or even sometimes the state they are in when they meet the other significant one. For me, i call this infatuation. It is a temporarily state of mind.

To truly love somebody….

You’d usually take a decision either consciously or unconsciously that this person is your exception! If you do it too early, it is still in the infatuation stage….

Loving someone goes far beyond sharing cool stuff, mutual understanding and even sharing same interests in life.

First true test would be in your fights, how open and caring your heart remains? Do you feel compassionately frustrated, lovingly angry or you just experience a wish to hurt or get even with him/ her? (that’s my dears a very profound clue!). For life could go to rough roads and it will happen that your relation will be tested several times. If resentment added up, fight after fight, and each disagreement lead to hard feelings, then this flame of love would eventually die and this is why most authors and coaches talk about exerting effort to keep healthy communication channels. Yet, my point, in the worse situation, go inside and test your feelings. There is no black or white in doing so, it is a matter of degree. Only you could determine which of the two feelings is more intense and holding the space between you too.

To love someone is to be ready to stretch your own boundaries, open your heart to their imperfection, see their potentials in their own weaknesses and daily struggles and just accept them as they are with no expectation for different upgraded version of them …paradoxically that does the magic!

Only true profound acceptance of self and other can free your mind of a limited vision of how things should be and opens the door to experiencing the possibilities of wonder, amazement and fulfillment in the uncertainties…..

It keeps the curious flame of love young and glowing!



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