Passionately Committed

“Passion is born of Commitment”- De Angeles
I came across this statement as i was reading one of her books and all of sudden I had so many images collapsing in flashbacks.

A year ago, I would have fiercely argued that this statement sound paradoxical. At that time, I thought commitment would kill any kind of existing passion!

To my surprise, as I read it yesterday, it made me realize that it is the bridge at the moment that I’m currently crossing to fulfill my life’s mission.

As we have dynamic systemic minds, this statement could be interpreted as follows: if you have certain passion yet you are not fully committed to do acts that serve to make you live this passion or include it in your daily life then you are not acting upon what matters to you passionately consistently ” which is one of the aspects of being committed” then your passion would be like a small shakes of flame that repeatedly fade away shortly after being ignited.
To me commitment, means at this point, grounding passion in daily habits and performing upon persistently for certain period of time or even going further step and establish a life style that is based on commitment to fulfill this passion.
This reminded me of one my insights at ” Unleashing Vitality”. I had a challenge with the concept ‘order’. Somehow being born and raise in a culture that leaves almost no room for self discovery as it seems to set certain order for one’s journey of life: how to live, what to study, when to marry and even who to marry, I have always felt this urge to walk against the pre- determined structure that seemed to define my life order for me. However, during SA diploma, I found how this was conflicting with another frame that I have that everything in the Universe is perfectly working according to natural order. And that natural order is the most simplified version of harmony. Endless examples could be given like the moon phases, the cycle of flower growth, caterpillars transformation to butterflies, cosmic movement of planets…etc
It was an eye opening reflection on one of my deepest desires and most profound needs ‘ to be truly fulfilled is to find my natural order and to live by it’
Coming back to the statement” Passion is born of Commitment”, it seems now the natural flow of passion is to be self committed to your life goals as it opens the gate towards constantly renewed state of rejoice at life.

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