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We focus on two kinds of leadership; Self-Leadership for bringing out the best in yourself, and Self-Actualizing leadership for bringing out the best in others. Use the Self-Actualizing Leadership Matrix to develop yourself as an authentic leader, actualizing your best potentials. Build on this to engage in self-actualizing leadership, empowering others to be peak performers, leading change positively, and enabling a self-actualizing organization or business


Self-Actualization Psychology Diploma is the New Developments of Abraham Maslow’s work in the Humanistic, Positive Psychology approach to Change and Transformation, and hence is essential for:

  • Anyone who knows and feels there is MUCH MORE to life yet doesn’t seem to be able to get their hands on HOW to start.
  • NLP/Neuro-Semantics Practitioners-Master Practitioners-Trainers and Meta-Coaches to gain more depth in the “secret history” and science of NLP and Neuro-Semantics in theory and practice.
  • Trainers, Coaches, Mentors, and Consultants seeking a New Vision and Greater Value for their clients through the Humanistic Approach and Change Tools of Self Actualization Psychology.
  • Organizational Change Agents ,Managers, and CEOs interested in The Tools and Real Applications of Theory Y of Management; those who aspire to Reach The Peaks of their own Leadership Potential while facilitating the improvement, synergy, and harmony of their departments and organizations.
  • Societal and Political Change Agents believing in the Potentiality of Citizens/Human Beings and possibility of more coherent societies.
  • Health Gurus and Coaches with a more holistic vision for the Life Performance of their clients.
  • Artists interested in Tools and Applications that discover and make use of the structures of Human Creativity Strategies.


Receive your Certification Through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics***
For more on Neuro-Semantics:


  • 25 Hours of Intense Practice & Training
  • Course Manual in English.
  •  Your Certificate approved by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS).
  • Lunch & Coffee Breaks.
  • Connecting with world-class Coaches that are attending the event

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